The NHS is facing the greatest global health threat in its history. A huge collective effort is underway with the NHS mobilising to change the way that hospitals and GP practices run, freeing up tens of thousands of beds, bringing in more staff and ventilators, getting protective equipment to where it is needed and ramping up testing.

The NHS – locally and nationally – will also have to deliver care in new ways to deal with the epidemic.

The NHS needs you!

It is vital that people follow the expert guidance and use the NHS responsibly so that services are there for those who really need it.

Use the NHS 111 online symptom checker to find out what you should do.

There is a huge amount of information available about COVID-19. The national guidelines on the pages below are updated regularly and will always contain the most accurate information relating to COVID-19.

In North Central London, we are taking action to make sure the NHS is able to care for patients who are admitted to hospital because of coronavirus, and also to ensure patients with other urgent health problems get the treatment they need. All health and care organisations are legally required to share and process data. This will ensure health and care professionals have access to vital information to make quicker, safer decisions about your care. Changes to opt out during the COVID-19 pandemic mean that even if you previously opted out of sharing your health and care record, it will now be visible to London organisations providing you with care.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, standard patient transport arrangements have been superseded by new national guidance. The aim of the NHS in North Central London is to ensure safe and fast discharge from hospital, and provide patient transport to and from ongoing care appointments. We have adopted the nationally agreed priority groups of patients for commissioned patient transport services.

Volunteers may be suitable for some transportation tasks. For these tasks please use the GoodSAM app or for self-referral, call 0808 196 3646.

Public Health England has provided guidance for health professionals, which is being updated regularly.

Public Health England (PHE) Guidance for Health Professionals

The NHS wrote to those people considered to be at highest clinical risk from coronavirus to inform them that they should stay at home at all times and avoid all face-to-face contact for a period of at least 12 weeks. Find out more.