Standing down governance meetings in January and February 2021

The NHS is currently experiencing significant pressures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The CCG has made some decisions around its governance arrangements, to release CCG clinician and staff time to support the local response work. These decisions will be reviewed on a regular basis.

We have stood down all of our committee meetings in January and February 2021, with the exceptions of our Strategy and Commissioning Committee, Finance Committee and Primary Care Commissioning Committee. These meetings will deal with decisions on urgent matters only. Other committees will meet virtually if required.

Our Primary Care Commissioning Committee is held in public but the CCG has moved this to a virtual arrangement due to the pandemic. Members of the public will only be able to listen to a live recording of the meeting, uploaded to our website shortly after it has taken place. Questions relating to the meeting papers can still be submitted, and as many as possible will addressed during the meeting.

The next Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting is Thursday 18 February 2021. The papers will be published on our website and questions can be submitted up to Monday 15 February (10.00) via