Encouraging attendance for patients with cancer symptoms and for cervical screening

North Central London CCG, in partnership with Cancer Research UK facilitators, has produced two videos featuring Macmillan Cancer Lead GPs and practice nurses working in the north central London area.  The videos are aimed at reassuring the public that the NHS is open to support them with their cancer concerns and provide cervical screening during the coronavirus pandemic.

Worried about cancer symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic?

There has been up to 70% fewer two week wait suspected cancer referrals across north central London over recent weeks as patients with possible cancer symptoms are putting off contacting their GP practice for fear of coming into contact with the virus or because they believe their GP practice is closed.

The ‘Worried about cancer symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic?’ video features Macmillan Cancer Lead GPs Dr Kate Rees (Haringey), Dr Zareena Cuddis (Barnet), Dr Nitika Silhi (Enfield) and Dr Clare Stephens, Senior Responsible Clinical Officer for Cancer Commissioning in North Central London.

The video encourages patients that if they are experiencing unusual symptoms that could be cancer, to contact their local GP practice. Telephone and video consultations with GPs are available and patients will only be asked to come to their local GP practice or go to hospital if it is safe to do so. Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.

Cervical screening – Have you been invited to have your cervical screening test?

To coincide with Cervical Screening Awareness Week,15 – 20 June, NCL CCG has also produced a short video aimed at encouraging women that have been invited for their cervical screening test and not yet had it done, to contact their local GP practice and book an appointment. Although the cervical screening programme had paused during the early stage of the pandemic, the programme has now resumed.

The video features practice nurses from The Speedwell Practice in Barnet and focuses on the additional protective measures in place to ensure women’s safety during their screening test.