Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

What is Continuing Health Care?

NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) is a package of care provided outside of hospital. It is arranged and funded by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) for people aged 18 years and over who have significant ongoing healthcare needs and have been assessed as having a ‘primary health need’.

People who are assessed for CHC include those who need a very high level of support. Some people may be reaching the end of their lives, or have long-term conditions as a result of a disability, accident or illness. When someone is assessed as eligible for CHC, their local CCG is responsible for funding their full package of health and social care. 

This means that the CCG will find suitable care to meet someone’s assessed needs. The CCG will always try to give options and choices that best match the patient and family’s preferences for the type and place of care provided.

Who is eligible for NHS continuing healthcare?

 For example someone eligible: 

  • Could have long-term conditions due to a disability, illness or accident
  • Or could be reaching the end of their lives

The CCG will find the most suitable care package to meet your assessed needs in any setting, such:

  • In your own home: services from a community nurse and personal care, such as help with bathing and dressing.
  • In a care home: as well as healthcare and personal care, the NHS will pay for your care home fees, including board and accommodation.

How is continuing healthcare assessed?

In order to receive NHS CHC funding, individuals have to be assessed by North Central London CCG according to a legally prescribed decision-making process to determine whether the individual has a ‘primary health need’. 

If you would like to have a continuing healthcare assessment for yourself, a family member or for a person you care for, you can speak to:

  • Your social worker (if applicable)
  • A member of the clinical team involved in your care

If you are a Continuing Healthcare client funded by North Central London CCG and you are have a query about your care provider you should contact your named nurse.

If you require further information or support with your package of care then please email the Complex Individualised Commissioning team on

Tel: 020 3688 1826


Tel: 020 3688 1737

The phones are manned Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00

Tel: 020 3688 2174
Our team can be contacted Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00

The Islington continuing healthcare (CHC) service is jointly commissioned with Islington Council. There are three teams responsible for the delivery of continuing healthcare in Islington:

  • The CHC Clinical Team carries out assessments to determine if they are eligible for continuing healthcare. The team also provides regular reviews of people receiving continuing healthcare. 
  • The CHC Adults Resource Team sources and puts in place care packages in people’s homes, nursing homes and other settings following determination of eligibility for continuing healthcare. 
  • The CHC Commissioning Team is responsible for the financial management of continuing healthcare, including contract monitoring and quality assurance. The team is also responsible for managing payments to providers and for setting indicative budgets for those in receipt of Personal Health Budgets (PHB). My Support Money/Brokerage Service supports the commissioning team in operational delivery of PHBs.

The Clinical Team and the Resource Team are based at Whittington Health who we commission to provide a number of clinical functions related to continuing healthcare.

Whittington Health delivers the service via two teams:

  • Continuing Health Care Nursing team – who can be contacted via or office telephone number 0203 316 8706. Telephone is available Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 17:00.
  • District Nursing team

Please be advised the NHSE CHC film is also broken down into bite size chunks in order to provide information to individuals/families/representative at particular areas of the process: