Engagement with our residents

Working in partnership with patients, service users, carers and residents

The CCG is committed to involving and engaging residents and service users in the work that we do, from commissioning decisions to healthcare service design.

Engagement with patients, service users, carers and residents and understanding their experience of services has been crucial for the community health services and mental health services strategic reviews. The views and feedback we have received throughout this programme of work has been invaluable in helping to shape the core service offers.

We have engaged with a wide range of service users, patients and carers groups, as well as voluntary and community sector organisations across north central London to talk about the aims of the reviews and to ensure the service user and carer voice is central to our work and embedded throughout each phase of the review programme. 

Given that north central London is home to communities from a diverse range of backgrounds, we wanted to ensure that we also captured the views and experiences of our diverse communities and groups and their differing needs and expectations of services. To facilitate and maximise feedback from these communities we contacted well over 200 voluntary and community sector groups and other trusted networks such as faith groups, community associations, particularly those with ‘reach’ to equalities and seldom heard groups.

To date, our engagement activity has included the following:

  • Attended meetings and events with service users, carers, residents and voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations in each of the boroughs to talk about the reviews and to welcome feedback from attendees. For example, Patient Participation Group (PPG) network meetings.
  • Established a Residents Reference Group with representation from patients, service users, carers and residents from each of the five boroughs to test and reflect on the outputs and ideas generated from the co-design workshops. The reference group was chaired by Ian Bretman, CCG Governing Body Lay Member.
  • Included service user, carer and VCS representation on the co-design workshops, joint steering group and membership of both Programme Boards.
  • Worked with existing NHS provider patient/service user groups, such as mental health experts by experience, to gather views and feedback on the reviews.
  • Invited service users, carers and residents to share their views via an online survey (now closed) to gauge current experience of services in terms of what is working well and areas that could be improved, as well as aspirations for future community and mental health services. We promoted the survey via all CCG communications channels including our website, newsletters and social media channels, at all engagement events we attended and we also enlisted the support of our partners to ensure the survey was widely circulated.

We are currently planning for the next phase of communications and engagement activity to support the second stage of the review programme, in which we will share the recommendations from the reviews and proposals for transition and implementation.

Contact us

If you would like more information or have any questions about the community health services and mental health services reviews, please contact the NCL CCG Communications and Engagement team: nclccg.communications@nhs.net