Haringey public meetings

The report from NCL CCG’s public meeting in Haringey, held on Thursday 19 November 2020, is now available.

The meeting focused on how we can all work together – the CCG, Haringey Council, health, voluntary and community sector, Healthwatch and local residents – to ensure we are developing the right health and care services for Haringey residents during the pandemic and beyond.

Attendees had an opportunity to discuss areas such as primary care, mental health, hospital services, care for older residents and COVID-19 prevention with the CCG’s lead commissioners, local GPs and representatives from North Middlesex University Hospital, Whittington Health and Haringey Council.

The report contains:

  • the feedback we received from attendees
  • the CCG’s responses to questions raised by attendees which we were unable to address at the meeting
  • an update on how we (the CCG/ NHS and Haringey Council) have used some of the feedback in our work