Patient and Public Engagement Strategy

Our committee and strategy

One of the ways we assure our engagement is through our Patient and Public Engagement and Equalities Committee (PPEE). This is one of three committees that report into our Governing Body. The role of the committee is to ensure that strong and effective engagement (for individual and collective duty) is taking place in every area of the CCG’s work.

To support the work of the Committee and ensure we are meeting our statutory duties across NCL CCG we have developed a Patient and Public Engagement Strategy for 2020/22.

The strategy maps out our approach to engagement with a set of objectives that we can measure engagement activity against and hold ourselves to account and a set of guiding principles.

It is vital that we listen to and involve residents and service users in shaping all parts of our work. We will be more effective as an organisation and system if we involve the people we serve, and collaborate with them in the design and delivery of strong public services. Good engagement can support the delivery of value for money, by ensuring services are accessible to those most in need and thereby helping to reduce inequality and improve lives longer term.

Click on the following link to read our Patient and Public Engagement Strategy 2020-2022 .

The strategy has four objectives by which we measure engagement activities. These are:

  1. We will involve and engage residents and service users in our work, from commissioning decisions to healthcare service design to the delivery of community wellbeing projects.
  2. The range of voices informing our commissioning will reflect the diversity of our communities, including those who are socially excluded, vulnerable or experience the worst health.
  3. People will be supported to look after their own health, including through enabling access to wellbeing and self-care opportunities across north central London.
  4. Our communities will feel informed about and involved in our plans, policies, strategies and activities, and community and engagement work, across North Central London.