Community-Centred Research and Support Programme

As part of North Central London Integrated Care Board’s commitment to hearing and acting upon the voice of our local communities, we’re pleased to share details of funding available in each north central London borough to support community engagement.

We recognise that not all of our diverse populations have equitable access to health and care services. We also know that certain communities face barriers to accessing services and as a result often seek support through their local community first.

So that the life experiences and priorities of these communities shape the development of services, programmes and planning, funding in each borough will support the development of community engagement programmes that will:

  • Raise the voices of local communities who experience high health inequalities and/or barriers to accessing services
  • Invest in grass roots voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations
  • Tackle health inequalities using an action research approach to address issues as they arise.

In engaging with our local communities and the grass roots organisations they work with we also recognise their skills and strengths. These programmes commit to acting on what we hear and investing in local knowledge of health and care services and how residents can look after their own wellbeing.

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of working with our local communities and how vital our relationship with the community and voluntary sector is in supporting us to do this effectively. We hope this work will serve to tackle health inequalities and strengthen relationships across north central London for the years ahead, particularly as we develop each borough’s Place-Based Partnership in the move to an Integrated Care System.

How to apply

Community-Centred Research and Support Programmes will be commissioned within each borough’s Place-Based Partnership and we are asking local voluntary and community sector organisations to develop proposals demonstrating how they would develop a partnership and engagement approach.

For more information on each borough’s programme and to apply please refer to the relevant brief below: