Engaging with our communities

We are focused on promoting wellbeing and preventing ill health. We work with patients, carers, local people, voluntary and community groups and other agencies, and together we build healthier communities with solid networks, friendships and trust.

We want to deliver high quality and safe services that meet the needs of north central London residents. Our approach involves a strong partnership working with our key stakeholders, local third sector organisations, and their communities.

We continue to engage with those already open to sharing their views with us whilst actively seeking out those we do not hear from. We always strive to speak to the most vulnerable, who might need additional support to highlight their needs and views.

We hold open forums during the year to continue these conversations, strengthen existing relationships we have with our residents and the community sector, and to further assess how we are engaging and working with them.

We want to make real and sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of people living in north central London. 

Effective engagement will help us improve health outcomes and make the best use of public resources. We will continue to work with patients, carers and the public to listen to their views and to involve them in decisions about commissioning and developing and improving health services.