Get involved

We are committed to patient and public engagement. In order to make sure we commission the best services for North Central London residents, we need to work with you. We want to make sure that patient and public engagement is key to all parts of our commissioning arrangements.

We are committed to hearing our local communities’ views and ensuring we include them in every part of the commissioning process and consultations. Information from patients about how we can plan and commission services that are easy to get to and helpful to use goes into our plans for new services, and for changing existing services to make them better.

Along with this, we are dedicated to supporting our patients and community to be able to manage their own health needs and achieve optimal wellbeing, no matter who they are and what their circumstances might be.

Take a look at our engagement approach.

If you would like further information about our work, how you can get involved or more details about the programmes we work with, please contact us on: