2. Transparency and Openness

The CCG is committed to ensuring the views of residents, service users, voluntary and community organisations and clinicians are at the heart of our decision making. Seeking the views of patients and residents across our five boroughs is an important part of the policy development. Over the next 12 weeks (22 November 2021 – 13 February 2022), the CCG will collect and analyse the feedback people share with us on the draft Fertility Policy.

Feedback will be considered by the CCG committee overseeing the policy development, and our Governing Body, to inform decisions on whether any changes should be made to the draft policy.

As well as informing the final policy, your feedback will also help the CCG to ensure the policy is as clearly written as possible. We also want to help people living in our boroughs know how they can access advice about, and be referred into, specialist fertility services. Your feedback will help us plan how we communicate with residents once the final policy is in place.

We are also keen to hear from service users, clinicians, voluntary and community groups, fertility groups and others with an interest. We are committed to ensuring the work to develop the new policy is:

  • Well-publicised and straightforward to participate in
  • Inclusive and welcomes views from the diverse NCL community
  • Comprehensive and relevant to a range of perspectives
  • Proportionate and cost-effective
  • Fair and transparent
  • Shared, refined and delivered with partners
  • Timely and part of an ongoing dialogue with residents

In providing feedback, you may want to consider what the draft policy says on:

  • Eligibility criteria for access to NHS treatment
  • Assisted Conception Treatments (IVF and IUI)
  • Assisted Conception Treatments using donated sperm and eggs
  • Other Assisted Conception Treatments (surgical sperm retrieval, IUI and IVF involving surrogates)
  • Assisted Conception Treatments for people with conditions other than infertility (people with HIV and conditions that may impact on future fertility)
  • We would be interested in your views on:
  • How easy or difficult the Fertility Policy is to understand?
  • How we can make sure local residents are aware of the approved Fertility Policy?
  • Do you have any specific concerns about any areas of the policy?
  • Are there specific actions / changes you can suggest which would address your concerns?
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about these proposals?

You may also want to share any experience of being referred for, or undergoing, fertility treatment under the NHS in North Central London.The engagement window will be open for 12 weeks from 22 November 2021 to 13 February 2022.