Coping with Challenging Behaviour in health & social care settings

We know that instances of aggressive behavior towards staff in health and social care have increased throughout the pandemic. KeepingWell NCL’s wellbeing webinar is an essential top-up for health and care staff. It will build staff and teams’ psychological understanding of why these incidents can occur, and what is needed for teams and individuals to manage these incidents when they do.

This interactive session will build practical strategies for prevention, de-escalation and support. We will consider policy, reporting, peer support, and making time for discussion after incidents. It will also provide a reflective space to connect through discussion of shared experiences – of the varied interactions between patients, their carers, and health & care staff across North Central London.

A resource pack for further support will also be available. This is a free event for all staff working in health & care in North Central London. Click here to find out more and book now!

To find out more about this event or the KeepingWell Hub, please get in touch or visit our website.