Governing Body members

The work of North Central London CCG is overseen by our Governing Body. It sets the strategic direction of the CCG, decides on expenditure and ensures the organisation functions effectively and efficiently.

The CCG is a membership organisation, representing the 203 GP practices across North Central London, who elect clinical and practice members to the Governing Body. As required by our constitution, the Governing Body also includes lay members, a registered nurse, a secondary care doctor and CCG executives. So many members are healthcare professionals dealing with the day-to-day health and care needs of North Central London residents. They play a key role in the CCG’s decision-making.

The Governing Body meets regularly and these meetings are open to the public, so any plans to change local health services are discussed and decided openly. Members are required to declare their interests on a regular basis, so any potential conflicts can be managed appropriately.

Board Members

Chair: Dr Jo Sauvage

Clinical Vice Chair: Dr Charlotte Benjamin

Deputy Chair: Karen Trew

Barnet Clinical Representatives: Dr Charlotte Benjamin and Dr Clare Stephens

Camden Clinical Representatives: Dr Neel Gupta and Dr Kevan Ritchie

Enfield Clinical Representatives: Dr Chitra Sankaran and Dr Nitika Silhi

Haringey Clinical Representatives: Dr Peter Christian and Dr John Rohan

Islington Clinical Representatives: Dr John McGrath and Dr Jo Sauvage

Secondary Care Clinician: Dr Subir Mukherjee

Registered Nurse: Claire Johnston

Lay members: Karen Trew, Ian Bretman and Arnold Palmer

Accountable Officer: Frances O’Callaghan

Chief Finance Officer: Simon Goodwin